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At present we manage complexes in the Galway & Clare areas.

We have a committed team working with Glendale to ensure all properties whether new or old are managed to the highest possible standards. Call us now and let us explain how we can offer you a truly personal, efficient and hassle free approach to managing your property.

Property Management – What is a Management Company?

It is important that all owners appreciate that a Management Company must be incorporated in multiple unit developments to provide the legal structure to allow the transfer ownership of the common areas to the purchasers and to maintain these common areas to the future be they apartment blocks, townhouses, retail or office developments.

All common parts and services within any complex, not belonging to or the responsibility of a specific person must be vested in a body or company. These common areas can be internal and/or external and/or structural. Each owner is a Member (or Shareholder) in this Company. The Company has responsibilities to all the members to ensure that the common parts are maintained to a high standard for the enjoyment of all concerned.

The Company, which is in effect your own Company, is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all open spaces and services relating thereto. (If it is an apartment block, the Company is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings). The full responsibilities of the Company are outlined in the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, and in the Management Agreement attaching to the title documents.

Similarly, all the owners individually have a co-responsibility to the Company to perform certain obligations set out in the Management Agreements, including payment of Service Charges etc. A Board of Directors or a Board of Management manages the Company, like all limited companies. At the very beginning, until all the units are sold in a development, the Board of Management normally comprises of the Developer and/or their Solicitor or Solicitor’s staff. When all the units are sold, the control of the Company is handed over to the owners themselves who elect their own Board.

Property Management – What are Managing Agents?

Board of Management employs Managing Agents (like us) where the Board does not wish to undertake the full responsibility itself for the day to day management of the Company. The Managing Agents are NOT the Management Company. They are simply servants of the Management Company.

A good firm of Managing Agents will endeavour at all times to see that the Company honours its obligations to the individual owners and the individuals in turn honour their responsibilities to the Management Company and to each other.

Glendale Properties Limited was established in 2003 and is widely regarded as the leading Managing Agents firm in the West of Ireland. At present we manage over 100 complexes, including some of the largest and best-known developments in Galway City. We have an expert team of specialist Property Managers managing new and old properties, varying in size from a few to a few hundred. The service provided is personal and professional to ensure that your property remains our priority.

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