Glendale Properties Limited combines professional expertise with years of experience in bringing you a first class letting service.

Landlord Services

Looking after a tenanted property can be extremely time consuming. As a landlord, you must be on call 24 hours a day to deal with problems or emergencies that may occur in your property.

Glendale Properties Limited combines professional expertise with years of experience in bringing you a first class letting service. We facilitate medium or long term lettings. This comprehensive service takes care of the day to day running of your property, dealing directly with your tenants on your behalf. Our aim is to protect your investment and give our clients complete peace of mind.

The service includes the following

  • FREE rental valuation and assessment of the property.

  • Advertising your property to ensure maximum exposure to the market. All our properties are advertised on and in the local newspapers (cost to be borne by landlord), etc.

  • Viewings are carried out as many times as is necessary to source a suitable tenant.

  • References are sought from prospective tenants (i.e. previous landlords)

  • Security deposit and one month’s rent payable prior to commencement of tenancy.

  • Inventory complied of contents in the property, which will form part of the Lease Agreement.

  • Utilities – we arrange for the transfer of utilities into the new tenant’s name and readings are forwarded to the respective bodies on commencement of tenancy.

  • Lease Agreements will be fully prepared and signed by the tenant prior on commencement of tenancy. If the Landlord wishes, he can set the duration of the lease and set any special conditions.

  • PRTB (Private Residential Tenancies Board): Our agency automatically looks after this registration process on the landlord’s behalf.

  • Statement of Account – on completion of the above, a report on all transactions will be forwarded to the landlord.

Glendale Property Limited offers a reduced rate for lease renewals to include rental negotiation.

You will be informed of any breaches of covenant brought to our attention and Glendale Properties Limited, as your agent, will endeavour to resolve same. If it is necessary for a solicitor to take action, you may appoint your own solicitor or Glendale Property Limited can appoint a solicitor on your behalf. Please note that the legal fees incurred will be borne by the landlord in all cases. Glendale Property Limited deals with the withholding tax deductions for non-resident landlords and passes this payment over to the Revenue Commissioners. Further information on this service can be obtained from our office.

Where a property is taken off the market by the landlord, prior to letting by our company, we require landlords to inform us at the earliest opportunity. We operate on a “NO LET, NO LETTING FEE” basis. The landlord will however be responsible for the outstanding advertising costs. If you would like further information regarding our services or wish to arrange an appointment to meet with one of our letting agents, then please contact us at 091 380008 and one of our letting agents will contact you to arrange a meeting. All Letting and Management Fees are Tax Deductible.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our company operates to the highest professional standards holding separate client accounts, which are professionally managed and audited.

Other Letting Management Services

  • Issuing advice and rules to new tenants.

  • Issuing of new keys

  • Preparing the necessary registration forms

  • Issuing notices to existing tenants

  • Advice to landlords on rental rates and income expectations.

  • Transferring rent to the landlord on a monthly basis.

  • On completion of tenancy agreement, inventory checked, key and deposit returned.

  • Dealing with security issues that may arise (i.e. break ins and vandalism)

  • Advising tenants on personal security.

  • Dealing with anti-social behaviour complaints

  • Dealing with enquiries and issues that may arise with local authorities.

  • Taking all relevant steps for the rental charge arrears.

  • Maintenance work can be arranged at landlord’s request.

  • Regular inspections of the property carried out by a member of staff.

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