People choose to rent a property for many different reasons. Whatever the reason, we at Glendale Properties Limited want you to feel you are choosing a HOME and not just a “place to stay”.

We will do our best to find the right home for you.

If you are an individual looking for a one bedroom apartment or a family/group looking for a four bedroom house. Below is a summary of the most frequent queries raised, which we feel may be of help to you.

All viewings must be pre-arranged directly with our letting department a member of staff will meet you at the property to guide you through it. Where 3 or 4 people are interested in renting the property together, it is important that all tenants come to the initial viewing. We cater for late viewing by appointment after hours for your convenience. It is important that any appointment that cannot be kept is cancelled through our office.

There is no fee payable by prospective tenants to Glendale Properties Limited for our services.

Glendale Properties will register your tenancy with the Private Residential Tenancies Board. The cost of this registration is borne by the landlord.

The normal security deposit is the equivalent of one month’s rent.
This amount can differ at the discretion of the individual landlord. The deposit secures the property, subject to; landlord approval, satisfactory references and the signing of the Lease Agreement.
Properties will not be reserved until the security deposit is paid in full. All security deposits are payable to Glendale Properties Limited. At the end of the lease term, the security deposit will be returned, if all money due has been paid (rent, ESB, NTL, telephone, gas, refuse etc.), the house/apartment has been returned to the landlord in the condition it was received and no other term of the lease has been breached. Money will be deducted from the deposit for any damage caused by the tenants. Should the tenants break the Lease Agreement, loss of the security deposit is automatic.

Generally we require 2-3 references (from each tenant) either from your bank, previous Landlord, Employer/College/Accountant. We will need your referees names and addresses to allow us to verify your references. A photocopy of a recent Passport/Driving Licence is required for identification purposes from each individual. Bank account details are also required from the head tenant for the monthly payment of rent. This documentation must be supplied to our office at least 2 working days before the signing of the Lease Agreement.

In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for a prospective tenant to have a guarantor who will guarantee payment of the rent for the duration of the lease. The guarantor must be resident in Ireland and be a house owner. The guarantor who signs the Lease Agreement is therefore bound by all the conditions of the Lease Agreement.

Most lettings take 5 to 10 days to formalise from the date the security deposit is paid. This allows time to check the references supplied, draw up the Lease Agreements and complete the Inventory of Contents. The property cannot be occupied until all the documentation, paperwork & payments are in order. Our letting department requires 24/48 hours notice of a proposed move in date.

The signing of the Lease Agreements will take place at the property, which you will be renting. All tenants must be present for this. Please note that the Lease Agreement is a legal and binding document. Where more than one individual signs a Lease, all tenants then become severally & jointly responsible. Should tenants break the Lease Agreement, loss of the security deposit will be automatic.

Careful attention should be paid to the inventory list, which forms part of the Lease Agreement. Check it through carefully and if necessary, make notes on this schedule prior to signing the Lease. This accurate record can avoid later disputes.

Most rents are payable monthly in advance, unless specified to the contrary. The method of payment of rent is by Standing Order. Where a group are renting a property, the agreed rent must be paid by a single payment. The first payment of rent must be paid by Bank Draft, Postal Order or Cash (No Cheques) prior to taking occupancy of the property. Rent is set for the term of the lease and cannot be increased during that period.

All accounts (ESB, NTL, Gas, Phone, Refuse etc.) will be transferred into the tenants name on occupation of the premises. All meter readings will be taken when the tenants move into the property and noted on the inventory of contents. Any reconnection costs e.g. telephone lines etc. will be borne by the tenant/s. T.V. licences are the responsibility of the tenant and are transferable from property to property.

Stamp Duty is payable by the tenant on a Lease Agreement where the annual rent exceeds €19,046. It is calculated at 1% of the total rent plus €12.70 stamping charge. This payment is passed to The Revenue Commissioners in accordance with legislation.

Where the property is managed by Glendale Properties Limited, in accordance with clause 3 (c) of the signed Lease Agreement, our staff will carry out inspection visits by appointment. In all cases, reasonable notice will be provided. These inspections are usually carried out on a quarterly basis.

If the property is managed by Glendale Properties Limited, repair and maintenance issues must be reported directly to our office. Where the landlord opts to manage his/her own property, you must contact him/her directly. Tenants will be made aware at the lease signing who is responsible for the management of the property they are occupying and relevant contact details supplied. Tenants are responsible for all damages/breakages caused by them or their guests during the term of the lease.

Please treat the property with care, consideration and respect. This will maximise the chance of continuing/extending your tenancy (should the property still be available) and ensuring that you obtain a favourable reference from your landlord for the future.

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